Septic Engineering & Design Permit Services in Arizona

Unlike permits for other building work, many contractors will leave obtaining the permit for a septic tank installation up to the homeowner. When you don’t know the first thing about a septic tank permit, work with Arizona Building Permit Services in Phoenix. We provide quick and reliable turnarounds, percolation tests, and assistance with standard and alternative systems. Our team is here for all of your needs. 

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Septic Tank System

Septic Permit Services 

Septic tank permit services are similar to normal permits, except that we’re generally working directly with the homeowner instead of the contractor. If you’re unsure about the process for obtaining a septic tank permit, contact our team and let us handle your needs. 

Percolation Tests (PERC)

Before a septic tank or basin installation can be performed, it’s crucial that you have a percolation test conducted on your property. A percolation test determines how much water is absorbed into the soil in preparation, and that information is invaluable in designing a septic system that will work effectively for your property. Leave this work up to our professionals at Arizona Building Permit Services. We will ensure that the test is done in a timely and efficient manner and the results are accurate and sent to the appropriate parties.

Standard & Alternative Systems 

The permit process is slightly different based on the kind of system you want to install. At Arizona Building Permit Services, we work with both standard and alternative septic systems. Whether you want a conventional or an bio-microbic septic tank, we’re here to provide the help you need. 

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Contact Us for Efficient Services 

If you’ve run into issues getting a permit for your septic tank installation, Arizona Building Permit Services is here to provide fast and reliable permit services and percolation tests for both standard and alternative septic tank systems. Call us today to learn more about what our team can do for you. 

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